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Google's Annual Sales Pitch

Last week, Google hosted its annual Google Marketing Live where marketers from around the globe flock to the search capital of the world at Summit View to hear the latest sales pitch. I don’t call it an announcement because it’s a sales pitch. A pitch to get marketers to hop on the bandwagon and rely on more of Google’s tools. Last year, it was a sorry excuse for an attribution tool. This year, it is new ad units and automation. Rather than go into every detail, here are the highlights that will have the most significant impact among our clients.

New Ad Units

New ad units are necessary because consumers become complacent. They see the same ads over and over, and after a few years, they throw up blinders. That leads to lower CTRs in campaigns, less spend in Google Ads and ultimately makes Google less money. Adding in new ad units refreshes the search page in the eye of the consumer and keeps the money rolling in. With each new ad unit, it brings to light a ton of questions:

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